What We Do

Working with limited yard space, several acres, or even just indoor space, we design and install healthy landscaping solutions for homes and schools. Our team takes into account the unique aspects of your planting space including sunlight hours, pollination requirements of desired fruiting varieties, soil quality, your climate, and, of course, your taste preferences.

Keeping in line with our mission statement to increase access to whole fruits to the public, we have managed to keep our prices extra low. We are also happy to offer fruit growing consultation services. See our most popular packages below!

Most Popular Packages

Delicious blackberries, peaches, figs, pomegranates, pears, and the list goes on! It all starts with a free telephone consultation and then a planting space assessment.

  • Flavor Paradise
  • Low Maintenance Organic
  • 7 Months of Fruit

Custom Design and Installation

Our experts walk you through start to finish tailoring a design to your exact needs! Order now to allow proper time for assessment, design and availability for spring planting.

  • Planting Space Assessment
  • Healthy Landscaping Design
  • Delicious Fruit Garden Installed!

Save When You Plant It!

Our team will design a delicious fruit garden for your unique space and then provide you with the quality plants and easy planting instructions. You save big with this option!

  • Planting Space Assessment
  • Healthy Landscaping Design + Plants
  • Enjoy Planting Your Fruit Garden!