Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission: A greener, healthier, and yummier world.

Healthy Landscaping is the world's only assembly of doctors, public health researchers, fruit horticulture and sustainable gardening experts relentlessly committed to improving the health of families, schools, and communities through what we believe to be the simplest and greenest solution:

Dramatically increase access to delicious whole fruits.

We do this with ultra-local and affordable planting for homes, schoolyards, and community gardens while being a leading source for high quality nutrition and healthy habits education for schools and the greater public.

Second only to tobacco consumption, poor diet and physical inactivity are today's leading actual causes of death intensifying national epidemics of childhood obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. At Healthy Landscaping, we champion sustainable, long-term prevention over band-aid solutions.

Our vision is for every untapped home backyard, schoolyard, and community ground to help create a greener, healthier—and yummier world.